It is LYONS GROUP take off time ! Aiming at creation and shearing life stories of freelance designers. Each story will have 4 sections to fulfill – The Beginnings; The Struggle; Where I see myself now and What I aim to achieve. Your stories are meant to inspire others, I personally believe that there are designers with stories GREAT enough to make blockbuster out of it! But that’s not the point. We aren’t making any movies. We just want to inspire others and to find the common ground that freelance designers have. Common ground different than the passion for design. Different than the sleepless nights seeking projects, taking care of the deadlines, moving mountains to get the job done, constant learning. There is something that we all share. Something that is meant to be heard. That is worth telling. At this point you all have my attention. I hope that at some millisecond I captivated yours and encouraged you to help us to expand the family. To make an IMPACT! To make it BIG!

Every story is worth hearing.

Tell us YOURS.

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